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Shop local, donate local

Now is a critical time to support local nonprofit and small businesses, especially those in the food industry.

Small businesses are making difficult decisions on how much of their workforce they can keep on, or whether to keep their businesses operating. By buying from small businesses now you are sending a signal that you are with them and literally value their presence in your neighborhood.  For some businesses, tomorrow may be too late. Personally, I am showing my support by ordering from the businesses in our network and local restaurants.

Here are a few places to shop for local food online:

This month I am also showing my support for the local non-profit community by making two donations: the first is to Plant Chicago, where I am setting up a monthly recurring donation in addition to my annual gift. A recurring donation is my way of showing commitment to the ongoing work of cultivating local circular systems: education, small business support, and shared resources.

The second is to the Chicago COVID-19 response fund. There are hundreds of local non-profits that rely on philanthropy in order to provide critical services to individuals in need. The philanthropic community in Chicago is coming together to provide emergency support to local nonprofits, and this fund is one way of making sure that all non-profits that need emergency funds end up receiving them.

If you are not in a position to donate, please help out by encouraging others to support small, local, and non-profits providing critical services. If you are in a position to help, please consider buying from a local small business or donating to a local non-profit that you trust and believe in today.

Jonathan Pereira Executive Director


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