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Plant Chicago partners with The Urban Canopy to offer Local Food Boxes to our neighbors around the city. Boxes  of local produce, bread, and eggs are available for pick-up at our Firehouse Market in Back of the Yards. 


20 boxes are available for purchase each week on a first come, first served basis. 10 boxes per week are reserved for Link card holders and households with lower incomes. 

Boxes are offered on a sliding scale pricing structure, between $10 and $25. 

  • $10 - price for Link card holders

  • $15 - suggested price for low-income households

  • $20 - actual monetary value of box contents 

  • $25 - suggested price for households that have more financial resources to offer. This price helps cover Plant Chicago’s costs to offer this program (staff time, sales tax, etc.)

Boxes contain one dozen eggs, one loaf of bread, and a mix of 5-6 seasonal produce items from local farms*


*organic but non-local produce may be substituted during winter months 


Chicago Region Food System Fund

Experimental Station

State of Illinois Treasurer

Requesting a Local Food Box 
Boxes are available on a first-come, first served basis, with 50% of boxes reserved each week for Link card customers and households with lower incomes. Fill out this form to receive weekly updates about what's in the box.  


Picking Up a Local Food Box
Pick up is offered during Firehouse Market open hours (Friday & Saturday 11am - 5pm). The Firehouse Market is located at 4459 S Marshfield Ave. 


To inquire about whether boxes are still available on a given day, please call 773-847-5523. 

This program is sustained by support from folks like you! Please see our support page if you are interested in donating to help us keep this program going.