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Producer Spotlight: Pleasant House

Our favorite thing about the Plant Chicago Farmers Market is all of our wonderful local vendors!  Pleasant House is a long-time partner in Plant Chicago’s work at The Plant, and purveyor of delicious Royal Pies, wood-fired breads, pastries, and more. Art Jackson, co-founder and business owner, gives us the scoop below. 

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The Business: 

Chelsea; my wife, business partner, and co-founder of Pleasant House and Royal Pies, and I were inspired to open our business, and continue to be inspired, by food and people.  That inspiration comes in the form of food from the garden to the plate, in a restaurant or a market or in the home.  We are inspired by the people who make food and as makers of food, inspired by those who share our table and try our food.  We were inspired to create our own “home” where we could make a living creating our own food and sharing it with all walks of life.

Favorite Thing About the Job:

My favorite thing about my job is the creativity that comes along with creating dishes and the creative thinking that is often necessary in a growing business.  It is also the people; both our guests and the people that work for and with us.

Engagement in the Local Circular Economy:

The success of Pleasant House is due in large part to collaboration and the support of the community.  We believe in creating and maintaining relationships with our neighbors and fellow producers that results in an added benefit that might not otherwise arise outside of that circular economy.  For example, because we are co-located [at The Plant] with Whiner Beer Co., Four Letter Word Coffee, and Plant Chicago, the bakery has the opportunity to power its oven with spent grain and coffee chaff in the form of “bio bricks” engineered by Plant Chicago*. This coexistence and collaboration turns a waste product into an opportunity that highlights and tells the story of a circular economy, provides an education, research and development outlet and saves the two for-profit businesses money in multiple ways.  The door to PH is always open and we are welcoming to ideas from participants in the local circular economy

Experience at The Plant:

We at PH would describe what is happening at The Plant as a movement.  We have been involved with the project for close to 6 years and have seen it and its participants and its mission grow and evolve. It seems like 2017 is going to be an exciting time for everyone involved, both within The Plant and the neighboring community.

On the Plant Chicago Farmers Market:

PH offers its full array of products at the Plant Chicago Farmers Market. The market is a great place to experience our range of offerings within the place that inspires us.  We offer locally sourced, stone ground, naturally leavened and wood fired breads, sweet and savory pastries, our Royal Pies (savory British-Style meat and veggie pies), and savory focaccia slices. We encourage everyone to come to the Plant Chicago Farmers Market because it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the circular economy in all its forms by trying all of the producer’s goods and getting an informative tour of the building and the producers’ facilities.  We are also heading into a new chapter at the bread bakery as we bid farewell to head baker Wesley Ervin who is relocating to Nashville and welcoming new head baker Alexander Roman.  We encourage everyone to visit our pub in Pilsen, Pleasant House Pub, for a pint and Royal Pies and to see how a number of our fellow producers at The Plant are featured on the menu.

Stay up to date with Pleasant House by following them on Facebook and Instagram (pub & bakery).

*Stay tuned on our blog for a full report of our biomass briquette experiment, a collaboration with Whiner Beer Co., Four Letter Word Coffee, and Pleasant House Bread 


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