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Roundtable Talks - Session 2: Composting & Waste Reduction

For the month of February, we will be tackling waste reduction and composting at home! With many of us still spending a lot of time indoors, now is a great opportunity to reevaluate consumption habits and take steps toward reducing waste at home or upon buying items at the store. Register for this discussion on Thursday, 2/18, 12 - 1pm.

Get started!

Included below are a few articles that will prep attendees for our upcoming discussion. You are not required to read them beforehand, but they will help with understanding and will be referred to by panelists.

At the end of January's session of Roundtable Talks, Plant Chicago challenged fellow staff members and attendees to conduct their own waste audits at home. A waste audit, sometimes known as a waste assessment or waste characterization study, is the process of digging through your trash to learn information about waste management within your household or business. Find more information about how to go through your trash at home safely here.

We're excited to hear about key findings and observations that from sorting through your trash!

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More about Roundtable Talks

Roundtable Talks is a virtual circular economy forum by Plant Chicago. All are invited to join us on the third Thursday of every month via Zoom to discuss topics with specialized guest panelists and other interested folks like you! Discussion topics differ month-to-month and will be announced on Plant Chicago's Blog.


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