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Roundtable Talks - Session 5: Local Food Access and Food Sovereignty


Food is an essential part of our lives but often we overlook the implications that our food choices have on our health, the health of our communities, local economies, and the planet. Learn how you can support local food growers and how food access is an essential part of achieving food sovereignty and combating climate change.

In anticipation of the upcoming growing and farmers market season, Plant Chicago turns to our local food systems and the work being done within the southside to galvanize communities of color that are often lacking in resources, support and investment. We'll be sitting down with southside food producers, and agents of change within the food access landscape: Dulce Morales-Cedillo, owner and farmer of Cedillo's Fresh Produce and vendor at Plant Chicago's farmers market; Ashley and Gyasi Sutherland, owners and farmers of HEIRS Farm, and Indoor Victory Garden community partners; Stef Funk, Communications Specialist at Chicago Food Policy and Action Council and the creator of Plant Chicago's ongoing Local Produce Box program, formerly the Link Produce Box. Register for this discussion on Thursday, 5/20, 12 - 1pm.

Get started!

Included below are a few resources that will prep attendees for our upcoming discussion. You are not required to read them beforehand, but they will help with understanding and will be referred to by panelists.

The New York Times - The Activists Working to Remake the Food System

South Side Weekly - Plant Chicago Connects Link Card Holders to Local Farms

More Resources:

USDA - Climate Change, Global Security, and the U.S Food Systems

TEDxMuskegon: Food, Race, and Justice by Malik Yankini

TEDxRainier: Food Sovereignty by Valerie Segrest

More about Roundtable Talks

Roundtable Talks is a virtual circular economy forum by Plant Chicago. All are invited to join us on the third Thursday of every month via Zoom to discuss topics with specialized guest panelists and other interested folks like you! Discussion topics differ month-to-month and will be announced on Plant Chicago's Blog.

Last month's topic: Paper Manufacturing, Reuse, and Recycling

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