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Roundtable Talks - Session 4: Paper Manufacturing, Reuse, & Recycling

Register for this discussion on Thursday, 4/15, 12 - 1pm.

When we typically think of recycling much of the focus is put on plastics, but did you know that paper accounts for 67% of the US’ recycled waste? (EPA 2018). In fact, there is more paper recycled than plastics, metals, textiles, and glass combined. For Earth Month, we take a deeper look at paper recycling. Learn from panelists in the paper industry, Cass Westover of Homegrown Wrappings, and Eric Schneider of Huron Paper Stock, who are responsibly sourcing paper, and extending its life cycle.

Paper manufacturing in the form of newspapers, magazines, and books in print might be on the decline, but other inconspicuous uses like corrugated boxes and packing materials from e-commerce continue to increase as people work and shop online from the comfort of their homes. Get started below to learn how modern lifestyles and consumer choices affect the paper industry.

Get started!

Included below are a few resources that will prep attendees for our upcoming discussion. You are not required to read them beforehand, but they will help with understanding and may be referred to by panelists.

More Resources:

Do the extra work! Learn more about trees and paper recycling, just in time for Earth Day!

More about Roundtable Talks

Roundtable Talks is a virtual circular economy forum by Plant Chicago. All are invited to join us on the third Thursday of every month via Zoom to discuss topics with specialized guest panelists and other interested folks like you! Discussion topics differ month-to-month and will be announced on Plant Chicago's Blog.


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