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Virtual Science Fair


Plant Chicago wants to know what cool DIY projects, experiments, and circular economy challenges you’ve been tackling during quarantine! So we’re coordinating a “Virtual Science Fair” to continue the circular economy conversation. Send a short description of your project, plus photo and/or video documentation via email by Friday, 5/15 to We’ll create a blog post of the best submissions on our website and share all submissions daily on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Upon submitting, you are welcome to include your social media tags, names, or preferences so we can credit you online. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Submission categories include, but aren’t strictly limited to:

  1. DIY/Creative Reuse: Cool projects that you’re working on in your free time. Examples include reuse crafting, converting your motorcycle to be electric, and installing a rain barrel for your home!

  2. Experiments: Experiments or tests that you’re conducting at home.

  3. Circular Economy Challenge: Innovative ways you are reducing your waste. For example, making orange marmalade out of “food waste” or finding new uses for single-use plastics.

Need an example? Education Manager, Kassie had a white mite infestation in one of her worm bins. Take a look at her video below of her experiment as inspiration for your submission. Click here to see her experiment write-up.

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