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Vendor Spotlight: Sacred Serve

Our favorite thing about the Plant Chicago Farmers Market is all of our wonderful local vendors! And especially to highlight those vendors that are implementing circular economy practices into their business models. This month we’re highlighting a business that is not only a market vendor, but also whose production facility is co-located with us at The Plant. Sacred Serve Co-Founder Kailey Donewald gives us the scoop (pun intended!) below.


The Inspiration:

Co-founder Kailey grew up suffering from a myriad of health conditions, most notably asthma and allergies. Every doctor told her this was just the way she was born, and put her on steroid inhalers, allergy shots, and prescription medicines. At 25 years old, she took a trip to Bali, and embraced a raw vegan diet while there. After 2 weeks on that diet, her body had completely healed itself of both asthma and allergies. She also felt a drastic increase in energy levels, mental clarity, and overall sense of well-being. After further investigation, it turns out she has a food sensitivity to dairy, as well as a handful of other commonly found ingredients. She was frustrated at the lack of quality products that were free of common allergens. That’s why when she met Alex and Anna, raw food chefs, who were also passionate about the power of nutrition, they knew they could create something special together. Together their mission is to provide a healthful, allergen friendly alternative to one of the most nostalgic foods of our time – ice cream.

Favorite Thing About the Work:

The freedom to design and execute a vision. It’s incredibly exciting to watch an idea take form.

Engagement in the Local Circular Economy:

Kailey sees The Plant as a collaboration of individuals with common goals and values. Sacred Serve is working to minimize waste at every step of production and currently composts all of their organic waste onsite at The Plant.  She also has a goal to find packaging that is can either be composted!

What we sell at the Plant Chicago Farmers Market:

Organic dairy-free ice cream that is strictly free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, GMOs, and stabilizers/ preservatives.

Other Exciting Announcements:

You can find us on the shelves of 25+ retail locations within the city. A detailed list of our locations can be found on our website.


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