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Summer Learning at PC: Get to Know our New Interns!

Hi, my name is Nico Christians and I'm an intern at Plant Chicago this summer. I go to Whitney Young high school and I am going to be a senior in the fall. Environmentalism has always been a passion of mine ever since I was younger - I'm so excited for what Plant Chicago can teach me about creating a more sustainable and equitable world. I want to major in environmental science in college and I'm sure this internship will give me valuable experience that I'll take with me no matter what field I go into.

My name is Da Lin Liao and I’m going to be an upcoming senior at Thomas Kelly College Prep. I excel in Mathematics and Physics. I look forward to majoring in Architecture with a minor in interior design in college. I chose Plant Chicago not only for the job experience, but also to help make an impact with the work I can do there. I provide assistance to my co-workers when needed, like helping with the Farmers Market, working at the retail, helping with composting, tending to the chicken coop, etc. I also hope that it will help benefit the surrounding community.

Hi! My name is Viky Li and I’m a sophomore student majoring in religious studies at the University of Chicago. I’m looking to go into social work after I finish undergrad, where I’ll likely either focus on macro policy work or individual counseling. I spent some time volunteering for civil advocacy organizations in New York and I regularly attend meetings with a drug decriminalization advocacy organization called Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). The local circular economy framework seems like a more thoughtful and realistic alternative to our current approach to waste, and I’m glad that I can learn more about and be a part of the movement through my internship at Plant Chicago!

Hi! My name is Nylah Neff. I'm a rising second year at the University of Chicago where I'll be studying Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and possibly Environmental Studies. This summer I'll be working as the Waste Diversion Intern with Plant Chicago - conducting waste audits at the firehouse, building out the local food box program, and supporting Plant Chicago's farmers markets. I'm from Compton, California where I live with my mom, brother, sister, and two sweet dogs. I like anime, Panda Express, the beach, and my favorite color is blue!


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