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Producer Spotlight Series: Rumi Spice

Our favorite thing about the Plant Chicago farmers market is all of our wonderful local vendors! This month, we are continuing our monthly blog series to introduce you to our farmers market vendors. Be sure to read on below to learn about this month’s featured vendor, Rumi Spice, and get some delicious saffron recipes that you can cook up after visiting our next farmers market!

The Business:

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In business school, they ask us, “What would you do with your one wild and precious life?” As Army veterans who served in Afghanistan, we left the military with a nagging sense of unfinished business – there lacked a long-term commitment to the people of Afghanistan and their future. We believe that business will lay a foundation for peace by importing the world’s best saffron from Afghan farmers. This past year, we imported 100 kg of saffron, which amounts to 5% of Afghanistan’s total saffron production. In doing so, we worked with 34 Afghan farmers and allowed 75 Afghan women to be paid direct wages in our processing facility.

Favorite Part of The Job:

Our favorite part of the job is working directly with the farmers and getting their world-class Afghan saffron into Michelin-rated restaurants. Also, watching chef’s reactions when they smell and taste our saffron for the first time is an incredible experience. When people hear “Afghanistan,” images that come to mind are warlords, conflict, and opium. We want to change this perception to the Afghanistan we remember – a land of stark beauty, proud tribal families, and exquisite agricultural products. We’re doing this slowly, but surely with our saffron.

Plant Chicago Farmers Market Offerings:

We sell our premium Afghan saffron, the Ultimate Rumi Spice gift box, our three spice blends (Paella Blend, Kabul Blend, Afghan Blend), as well as our best-selling Saffron + Green Tea kit. There’s definitely something for everyone!


The saffron cream sauce is out of this world! Check out the full recipe here:

It goes really well with chicken or pasta for our vegetarian friends.

Fun Saffron Fact:

Alexander the Great used to bathe in saffron after battle to heal his wounds!


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