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Imperfect Produce April 2019 Collaboration

For the month of April, you can support Plant Chicago using Imperfect Produce’s service! Imperfect Produce and Plant Chicago have shared goals to divert materials from the landfill while creating economic opportunity and a more equitable food system.

Imperfect Produce is helping find a home for “cosmetically challenged” but perfectly delicious fruits & vegetables. They are creating economic opportunity by diverting materials from landfills, which is a central tenet of circular systems! Even better, they are helping create equitable food access and directly support family farms and cooperatives, an important aspect of Plant Chicago’s local circular economy principles.

Want to support Plant Chicago, get seasonal affordable produce, and reduce food waste? For the month of April, Imperfect Produce will be donating $10 to Plant Chicago for every new sign-up. Sign up at  and make sure to use promo code: “Plantchi”.


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