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Plant Chicago's farmers market doubles the value of Link/EBT purchases by providing matching currency redeemable at the market for fresh fruits and vegetables!


To facilitate this program, we process Link/EBT transactions through our farmers market info booth. Participants in this program only need to swipe their card once, then receive “market cash” to buy Link eligible items at the farmers market! This opportunity is funded by Experimental Station’s LINK Up Illinois program. Keep reading for more detailed instructions:

Step 1) Explore the market and decide what you’d like to buy! It’s best to get a rough idea of the amount you want to spend before getting any “market cash.” Link/EBT transactions cannot be completed at vendor booths.

Step 2) Stop by the Plant Chicago info booth to swipe your Link/EBT card and get “market cash.” The person at the info booth will give you two different types of currency. Plant Chicago will match your purchase, dollar per dollar, up to $25 with Double Value Coupons (DVC) to get free fresh fruits and vegetables.

Step 3) The “market cash” you receive at the info table can be used to purchase link eligible foods from vendors. DVC can only be used to purchase fruits and vegetables. “Market cash” and DVC should be treated as cash and can be used at any of our farmers markets

For Example

If you spend $10 on Link eligible items (bread, cheese, honey, hot sauces, jams, etc.), you will get $10 DVC to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables only.

Or, if you spend $30 on Link eligible items, you will get $25 DVC to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables only. (This is because we can only match up to $25 per market).

*Link Up Illinois procedures vary by market*

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