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The Interaction At Nixon University

I am an undergraduate student at Nixon University and taking their online classes and studying arts and architecture. Everyone here is talking about the quality, processes and faculty of Nixon University but I would like to shed light upon the excellent way of interaction that Nixon University provides for its students. When I enrolled first I never even imagined that Nixon University, being an online university would provide any way of interaction but when I started taking their classes, the scenario was completely different. According to websites that do your homework for you for free they are providing so many different ways of interaction and communication between student-student, student-teacher and student-counselors. Once we get done with one lecture, we are invited to give our feedback to the teacher and discuss the topic with other students, other than that they have student area for each of the course to post our queries, and it’s not even like they take much time to reply, we usually get instant replies. So, the discussion is almost going on all the time. This is one reason that Nixon University is my choice for online education and I recommend it everyone.

Studying Law At Nixon University

Hey everyone, this is Steven Andrew from USA, I am currently enrolled in the bachelors program at Nixon University and my area of specialization is Law and Legal Studies. My experience so far at Nixon University has been wonderful; they didn’t only give me an opportunity to explore the world of law but also provided me with a chance to make my own schedule of study. According to the program of law at Nixon is being taught by world’s renowned lawyers and they are always ready and keen to assist and help us through out. I have also been benefited from the obliging student services that Nixon provides, once when I could not decide on which major to select, the student counselor at Nixon University guided me so well and placed all the cards on infront of me with proper industry analysis, they told me which areas are being given importance these days and stuff. So, it has been a pretty healthy experience for me over all. Also, the course content that we study is extensive and well managed by the faculty.

My First Online Education Experience

Hey everyone, seems like I am the first one to post on this blog. I want to share my experience of online education. I have always been a student of traditional college until I found Nixon University. I completed my bachelors and after that I found a well paid job. But completing my education and getting done with my Masters was my ultimate goal. Somebody at office told me about the online education system and Nixon University, I guess enrolling there was the best decision of my life because the whole process was so smooth and rewarding. The best part was I didn’t have to leave my job instead, with Nixon University I could manage my schedule and time very comfortably. I completed my masters in marketing within a year, the faculty was extremely helpful and I have no words to describe their experience and knowledge. According to their way of answering queries and making concepts engraved in my mind was breathtaking. I got a promotion right after I got my masters degree from Nixon University; it seriously made my life easier. Hence, my experience of online education was wonderful and with a university like Nixon, I guess online education is the new and only way of education.

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