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Vendor Spotlight: Inezita Santos Jewelry & ChaMeister Designs

Our favorite thing about the Plant Chicago Farmers Market is all of our wonderful local vendors! This month we’re highlighting one of our non-food vendors. Cynthia and Cha live in Back of the Yards and have been part of our market since 2016. Cynthia gives us the scoop below.


The Inspiration:

My Autistic brother, Keith (Cha) is not able to hold a job, but he likes to do arts & crafts so we started working on jewelry together.

Favorite Thing About the Work:

Spending time with my brother & meeting new people. Seeing people wear our designs makes my Cha feel proud. 


Engagement in the Local Circular Economy:

Cha & I teach a few classes throughout the summer to local groups in the Back Of The Yards neighborhood. We show people how to use materials (mostly cardboard, foil, glass & cloth) to make recycled jewelry. I also teach jewelry class in an after school program at my school. Twice a year my students make/sell their own jewelry at local events.

Experience at The Plant:

The Plant is bringing new life into our community by giving local farmers, artists & artisans a place to vend literally in our own backyard. People from other areas are seeing there is more to the Back Of The Yards.

On the Plant Chicago Farmers Market:

During the market you’ll find handcrafted jewelry made by my brother Cha & myself.

Other Exciting Announcements:

Hopefully by the summer of 2018, Cha & I will finally have our business online.

Be sure to visit Cynthia and Cha at the next Plant Chicago Farmers Market to check out their latest designs!


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