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Meet the businesses in Plant Chicago's Circular Economy Leaders Network 2021, Part 3

This spring, we published the first and second pieces of a 3-part series introducing the members of our 2021 Circular Economy Leaders Network cohort. Below we are excited to announce the rest of the Chicago-based small businesses we are working with, and offer a glimpse of the circular economy goals they aim to achieve! See our Small Business page for the complete list of 2021 network members.

Creole Baby LLC is a seasoning and spices company whose goal is to use circular packaging for their blends while simultaneously exploring the adoption of a reuse model. While not their primary goal, Creole Baby LLC is also interested in sourcing local herbs for their products.

First Curve Apothecary offers hand-crafted herb products made from a wide spectrum of active plants and mushrooms of the highest quality. First Curve sources locally from certified organic growers, suppliers, and ethically-minded wildcrafters, and they seek to potentially offer bottle return/reuse. Lastly, First Curve is interested in launching a Community Apothecary to connect growers and utilize their spaces to teach the medicinal value of plants.

Quarter Mile Sauce is run by JDKKBK, INC., a family owned and operated small business. Quarter Mile Sauce has worked hard to formulate one of the finest hot sauces, first made with creator James Bishop’s own homegrown habanero peppers. Quarter Mile Sauce is considering a take back/reuse program for their glass bottles.

Piel Bella by Jazz is a Mexicana-created company that offers handcrafted, sustainable skin care service. Piel Bella by Jazz’s goal is to transition from plastic packaging to a more circular economy-aligned options for select products by February 2022. They also aim to begin sourcing local herbs and/or beeswax for select products.

Pixie Dust Salts is a salt company on Chicago’s West Side. Pixie Dust Salts currently buys ingredients from local growers and invests in local companies in their neighborhood. As their goal, Pixie Dust Salts aims to pilot a take back/reuse model in select retail locations.

Pochos Chicago is a restaurant and caterer located in McKinley Park that serves delicious Mexican and American dishes with seasonal and local ingredients. Pochos hopes to offer educational materials about proper disposal practices to their customers as well as to potentially source an additional local ingredient for their menu.

Taaza Taree LLC is an early stage microgreens growing business based in West Town. Taaza Taree’s goal is to find an alternative growing medium and potentially secure a collective packaging order.

Tom’s Place is a soon-to-open pancake house located here in Back of the Yards, and they are planning to launch this fall. Tom’s Place goal is to offer 95% locally sourced eggs as a major menu item and ingredient by February 2022.

Tuanis Chocolate is an organic chocolate manufacturing company that buys directly from Bribiri, indigenous farmers in Costa Rica. Tuanis Chocolate’s goal is to find a consistent outlet for 100% of their cocoa nib shells.

Universal Compost LLC is a compost company that aims to make composting easy and convenient for the general public. Universal Compost’s goal is focus on customer acquisition, leading to 5,000 pounds of food waste diverted by February 2022.


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